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  • Plan N offers lowest rates in some states
  • Plan N offers lower premium than Plans F and G
  • Plan N Savings Scenario compared to Plan G

Up to 15-month advances paid daily1

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Customer benefits and wellness

NEW reduced rates on many plans

NEW household discounts up to 15%2

Healthy Rewards discount programs on vision, hearing, fitness and home-delivered meal services3

Health Information Line offers health guidance and advice 24 hours a day4

“Benefits at a glance” reference guide


Plan N Savings Scenario5  

Plan N has comparable coverage to Plan G but requires customers to pay Part B copays for some office visits (up to $20) and ER visits (up to $50), as well as Part B excess charges (15% more than what Medicare covers). Over 96% of U.S. doctors choose to participate with Medicare and agree only to charge the amount Medicare has approved for the services.6 Therefore, for the vast majority of customers, the additional cost sharing of Plan N is limited to the $20 and $50 copays. Plan G would cost $107.54, which is $31 more per month. If a customer were to visit the doctor twice a year (take away $40 in total copays), they would still end up saving $332 a year.

Plan costs Plan G Plan N
Per-month premium $107.54 $76.54
Doctor visit copay $0 $20/$50
Doctor visits per year 2 @ $0 2 @ $40
Total year $1,290.48 $958.48